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For all SMEs, all traders, artisans, restaurateurs, small businesses, liberal professions, self-entrepreneurs, creators ... Everything is included: overheads at reduced prices, website, management of your job offers, materials and computer software at reduced prices, social network, sales assistance ...

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This contract includes prices discounted on all our overhead items referenced.

The costs on your e-shop are limited to 5% of actual sales.

You have the management of your offers job and your dedicated website

600,00 EUR per year


For all professionals, freelancers, companies or associations wishing to distribute negopack and who have a business registration number.

Le règlement de votre adhésion annuelle NegoPack est mensualisé avec une facture par mois. L'abonnement reste annuel.

Votre abonnement est de 55,00 EUR per month
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