1 negopack
A contract for companies and associations
where everything is included and already negotiated

Your overheads
Concerning your overheads and non-strategic purchases, thanks to negopack, your purchase prices decrease by 20 to 80%. You can be assured that we will negotiate the most attractive rates for you, year after year, with suppliers who are real partners, as we already did in France.
Your website
Your new adaptative secure website with your unique internet address easy to manage from home, with a SMS and an E-mail contact module for your customers and prospects, to send information and collect data, which is valued 3000€, all included
Your sales
Your geo-located internet e-shop, very simple to use, with secure online payments forwarded to your current bank, low selling costs limited to 5%. A sales conversion system for your quotes and products.



Postes soumis à acceptation des fournisseurs selon nos contrats et CGV 



negopack : once we reach your country target, for less than a coffee per day we will negotiate for you...

2 Cercle Business
Become an Activator, to enrich your life and give to your community


  • Strengthen your local economy
  • Make them discover negopack
  • Finance a job or an internship
  • Help disadvantaged people
application cercle business 1


  • One single photo is enough
  • Simply give a code
  • A custom ios/android application
  • Nothing to learn or buy
application cercle business 2


  • Boost your income or retirement
  • Earn from 70 to 250 € per negopack
  • Your commissions are recurring
  • Set up your team of activators
application cercle business 5

More activated companies
for more strength of negotiation

Join us & start to
earn and offer

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3 Money For Life
for the distribution of wealth with disadvantaged people

Money For Life

Let's Invent

tomorrow's economy with automatic sharing of wealth between global companies, small companies and people.

We have negotiated annual earnings with large companies on purchases consumed by their customers.

Once we reach 5000 negopack members, we will redistribute half of these earnings to our activators and the other half to the disadvantaged people of your country, giving priority to the activated cities and villages.

Let's Participate

As a big partner supplier of negopack, the logo Money For Life gives evidence of your commitment to a united and humanist economy of sharing.

As a negopack member, you can also use the logo on your documents, website or on your shop window to show your involvement in our new economy of sharing.

You can also decide to give the earnings of your company's activators team for the Money For Life association. 

Let's Help

The Money For Life association missions to help disadvantaged people through humanitarian and sustainable development programs funded by half of the gains we are negotiating.

The other half of the annual earnings is divided by the number of successful activations and is redistributed to each activator in proportion.

Each successful activator becomes a Money For Life donor and works for the good of the community and the economic balance.

Money For Life wealth redistribution in
starts with 5000 negopack activated
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